Hope Village

Hope Village for Children

A Place for Children to Call Home in Meridian, MS

Leading children to a place
where hope is born…


Hope Village Helps Foster Children in Meridian

“Through Hope Village for Children, I hope to do something more: to give vulnerable children a home. Not an institution, not an orphanage, but a home.

The benefits of providing a continuum of care on one campus are crucial to breaking the effects of the negligence and abuse our children have experienced, as well as the inconsistency in their education and social interactions. Kids who have been removed from their homes need tremendous support, which Hope Village provides.”

-Sela Ward

Mission Statement

To provide a continuum of specialized treatment programs, services, and facilities of superior quality to meet the individual needs of neglected and abused children and their families.

Vision Statement

For every child victimized by abuse, neglect, or misfortune, we will provide HOPE.
Because we recognize each child as a unique and precious gift from God, we will:
hear their cries and respond without hesitation;
open the doors to love, understanding, and healing;
rebuild lives one child, one family, at a time;
and lead each child to a place where HOPE is born.

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